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EGPRR are a south–Essex based registered charity concerned with the care of guinea pigs, rabbits and pet rats.


Essex Guinea Pig, Rat & Rabbit Rescue has an open admissions policy to any guinea pigs, rabbits or pet rats needing a home. Priority is given to those pets that are sick or elderly and can no longer be cared for by their present owners. Use our Contact page if you have a ’pig, rat or rabbit you can no longer keep.


Essex Guinea Pig, Rat & Rabbit Rescue re–home their guinea pigs (cavies) and pet rats to people who can care for at least 2 same sex animals, as both guinea pigs and rats are sociable creatures. If you already have a lonely guinea pig or rat then we may re–home a single animal.

We’re also on the lookout for ‘Foster’ homes when our lodgings are full!

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